Paleontological Site of Villaggio del Pescatore

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Paleontological Site of  Villaggio del Pescatore near Trieste - 45°46'44.3"N 13°35'19.9"E

Tethyshadros insularis, friendly named Antonio, is an extraordinary fossil, the only one real dinosaur fossil in Italy
(Ciro, discovered in 1981 in Benevento - Campania, is a prehistoric reptile).
Antonio probably was a dwarf hadrosaur, in fact it was small because it lived on what was an island million of years agò. The place is now a rocky coast of Trieste Karst.

Living on an island, Antonio did not need to grow up as the other hadrosaur (up to 9 m long!) because there were not predators and scarsity of food resources.

Antonio was 4 m long and a little more 1 m tall. It weighed 700 kg.
In the same site, other fossils were discovered: front paws, a vertebra, a bone of a basin, a skull, some fish, plants, crocodiles, shrimps, a pterosaurus bone, terodop bones and another hadrosaurus, Bruno.

Everything fossils show us how Antonio's enviroment was: it was a tropical island of 70 milion years agò (Upper Cretaceous), with lush vegetation and many different animals.

In Villaggio del Pescatore site it is now possible to see a copy of the original skeleton, which is located in the museum of Natural History in Trieste.