Medea - Scarecrows Festival

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Medea (Gorizia) -  45.91833, 13.41661

The Scarecrows Festival

Scarecrows are nice puppets with several and strange shapes. Traditionally, they are made by straw, old clothes, wire and other natural things.

They are positioned in streets and in the most significant places of our village.

They are symbol of our village history, traditions and the ancient bond with nature and the countryside.

Scarecrows of Yesterday

These puppets indicated the end of winter and the coming of spring. They were placed in fields and orchards to frighten the sparrows.

In this way, men tried to fight agaist the dangers of nature and protect the family sustenance.

Scarecrow has also inspired fairy tales, myths and legends of Friuli, and the Feast gives the opportunity to deepen this aspect more closely related to local history and traditions.

The Scarecrows of Today

Now,  they are built to fight  pollution and enviromental damage, but also against tha damage of society  as war, mafia, hunger,...

They are usually of ugly and horrible aspect with old poor clothes which are symbol of "simplicity" and "mildness" of human been. It is a way to improve the connection between human been, nature and enviroment.

The Scarecrow Festival is a moment of joy, a party, but also want to be an encounter around these questions; around iron buds, wood, straw and rags can blossom drawings, poems, stories, images of all kinds.

Among the folds of allegory, the message that transpires is fairly clear: if we leave the puppet's clothes to take those of real men, we realize that "in life it does not matter what it is but what it is and gives itself, and that There is a job for everyone, if everyone does his job. "

All Medea families are invited to participate at the various moments of the Festival, which has its heart in the Green Area, and build a "scarecrow" that is placed on the doorstep or other place f the village.

The Medea Scarecrow Company

The Scarecrow Company is born from an idea of the teachers of the primary school of Medea, who, in the name of educational continuity, also involving the school of childhood, tries to create a group of people together with their children to do various
recreational activities .

The proposal immediately attracts not only children but also and especially parents who engage in commitment and seriousness in something that "will change" their way of living the festival, but also, above all, the relationship with the teachers and with all over the village.

There is also an expressive lab where costumes, scenographic materials and most of all banners and scarecrows are exhibited in the streets and in front of Medea's houses during the festival.

Everything started for fun, for the sake of "doing" something together with our children, our teachers, our parents, but especially for our school and for our small, big village!