First World Word Park - Valley Saisera

Themenpark Erster Weltkrieg – Abschnitt Saisera

Val Saisera (Udine) - 46.48038, 13.49216

First World Word Park  “Abschnitt Saisera” (Saisera Valley)

It is an open-air museum dedicated to the Great War in the heart of the Saisera Valley where you can discover what remains of the defensive line "Vordere Saisera", one of the two defensive lines built by Austro-Hungarian troops in anticipation of an Italian attack during the First World War

The path is composed by three rings which, starting from the Montasio hut, develops to the slopes of the small Nabois.

Starting point of the path with and explanatory panel.

Spotlight Point: in this shelter there was a spotlight that was lit in event of noises coming from the enemy line.

Machine gun station: it was built according to vintage photos.

 “Sasso Bucato” Station

It is a rock with a tunnel dug into the interior. Inside the tunnel there were machine guns. At the exit, reconstruction of an accomodation for officers.

Downhill from the slope of small Nabois (on which the tematic park runs)